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Want to Save the World?

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You’ve probably heard of how we are hurting the world. 

We are hurting it by causing global warming,  littering, and so many more things. You may not know about all of these things, but that’s why you are reading this! To prevent those things from happening in the first place. I want to teach you how to defend the world, not hurt it.

Let’s first talk about global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is when the atmosphere gets hotter than it is supposed to. What is causing global warming? Let me introduce you to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels come from factories that burn things such as plastic, when they are getting recycled and create fossil fuels. Have you ever seen smoke coming out of a factory? That is most likely to be fossil fuels. While people are recycling the plastic, (melting it) the melted plastic creates fossil fuels while it is being melted which the melted plastic also turns into gas for cars, and when cars drive, the fossil fuels are created that way too,(coming out of the vents on the back of the car) which is released into the atmosphere.

But wait, fossil fuels aren’t the only things that are polluting the earth. Sadly, there is more. Let’s talk about littering. Littering is something that goes on a lot. People pollute the Earth by littering the ground, which ends up in our oceans. How?

First, it starts when someone litters. Then, the next time it rains, the rain  washes the trash into the little vent on the bottom of the sidewalk. That particular little vent goes straight to the ocean, which means the trash ends up in the ocean. Another way that it happens, is if the wind blows the trash into the ocean too. Sadly, many animals can get hurt and eat the trash which means that littering also leads to hurting animals.

Now, let’s talk about tree chopping. Do you remember the fossil fuels I was talking to you about earlier? Well, trees can help filter the fossil fuels. But sadly, we are cutting down trees too, to make things like furniture, paper, firewood, and so much more! If you want to help the world, cutting down trees is definitely not the right thing to do.

Now that you know about it, don’t you want to do something about it? Actually, you can!  There are many ways you can help the world. Even the little things you do differently every day helps. One way is if you go and do a beach cleanup. A beach cleanup is when you gather some people to go and pick up trash at the beach. You could make rallys for saving animals, and you could also sell things to raise money for the thing you want to help. You see, there are a lot of things you can do, but I didn’t state all of them. You can also think of  a way you can do it yourself.

So what are you waiting for, let’s save the world!!! 


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