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About Us!

The Story of Kid.Activist

Kid.activist is a 9 year old’s vision to draw the change she wants to see in the world. Each of her drawings is sketched with the hope of providing a little help towards those organizations that are working hard to make this planet a better place for the future.

Every product we sell is aligned with a non-profit (or group of non-profits) and a portion of sales will go to such organizations. 

Kid.activist started with a single question: "How does one make the world a better place?" It’s hard to hide all the inequities and inequality of poverty, hate, and discrimination from our children. After a chat with our kid, she knew she wanted to do something and her idea became reality.

We’re excited to see a positive response to socially conscious clothing, designed by a kid for kids.

Welcome to Kid.activist!


Give Back

First part of being a Kid.activist is the desire to give back. Kid.activist was founded on this principle idea: to give back for every design. Each of our designs is aligned with a non-profit and will give a portion of sales to such non-profits

Some of the non-profits we are currently supporting are: When We All Vote, Sierra Club, and local food shelters!  We strive to add more non-profits as well! 

A Greener Planet

Second, being a Kid.activist is also about caring for the planet we live on. We've partnered with EcoEnclose for our packaging which includes reusable, recycled, and recyclable materials. In addition, each package we deliver ourselves is recyclable and biodegradable! We are working on the best options for packing from our drop-ship providers as well. 

Second, all of our partners are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our requirements of ethical standards, products, and business practices. This includes our own, direct vendors as well as drop-ship providers.  

And remember, we're designing and printing everything right here in California and your purchase contributes to local charities!